Bloodtruth – Martyrium (Review)

Bloodtruth - MartyriumBloodtruth are an Italian death metal band and this is their second album.

Bloodtruth’s 2014 debut album Obedience was characterised by crisp brutality, efficient technicality, and, unusually, the occasional Gregorian chant. You can think of Martyrium as a refinement of the process that was started on Obedience, only this time with an added concept for the entire album.

If you’re a fan of ferocious death metal then it’s hard not to appreciate what Bloodtruth do. It may not be original or genre-pushing, but clearly that’s not the point; this is music to get adrenaline pumping and blood flowing, and in that it succeeds admirably.

The drums are precise and punishing. Coupled with the destructive riffing and how fast this band like to play, these songs are intense and devastating. Occasional leads add sharp melodic bite, without detracting from the savage brutality of the music. Guitar solos add spice, and flow like liquid metal.

The songwriting works well for the task that the band have set themselves, and everything here is bolstered by a crisp, heavy, and clear production. Occasional synths and Gregorian chants, (both improved on this album), enhance the music here and there, and the band’s singer has a very satisfying roar.

Overall this is an enjoyable trip into brutal waters, and I like that Bloodtruth occasionally add a layer of atmosphere now and again.

A recommended listen – check this out and see what you think.

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