Thecodontion – Supercontinent (Review)

Thecodontion - SupercontinentThecodontion are a black metal band from Italy and this is their debut album.

Having enjoyed by 2018’s demo Thecodontia, and the 2019 follow up EP Jurassic, I was quite excited by the prospect of Thecodontion’s debut album.

Thecodontion specialise in prehistoric-themed black/death metal. This is not the same band we already know, however, at least not completely. Although the core of what made the band so enjoyable is still here, there’s a lot of new aspects to enjoy too.

Yes, Thecodontion have developed their sound further from their very well-received earlier work, adopting a more atmospheric, melodic, and immersive sound, as opposed to the unrelenting wall of fury that they essentially had prior to this release. Layered and complex, this is an album that has taken the strengths of the band’s past material and fleshed them out, given them more breadth and range to breathe and expand. The end result is expressive and engaging, both feral and refined.

Don’t think this is an easy listening album, however. Despite the above, it’s still a harsh, ugly, and brutal affair when it wants to be, marrying death metal’s blunt ferocity with black metal’s scathing aggression to great effect. It’s also guitar-free, (except for one song), and has a few different guests on it, (from Seventh Genocide, and others).

So, Thecodontion have produced a surprisingly atmospheric release, that can still brutalise with the best of them. Based on the severe beatings I’ve received from the band in the past, I was not prepared for the increased scope and scale of Supercontinent.

Very highly recommended.

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