Monthly Overview – the Best of August 2021

While August was a slower month than some others have been this year for first class metal albums, it was still home to more than enough top releases to warrant this list.

Necronautical - Slain in the Spirit

Let’s start with Slain in the Spirit by Necronautical, which hit me harder than I was expecting it to. This sort of symphonic black/death metal is none too common these days, which is only one reason why this album is notable. It’s also just a damn good one, with damn good songs.

Wormwood - Arkivet

Wormwood’s Arkivet was a real slow burner for me. However, I just felt compelled to keep returning to it again and again and again, and now it has firmly hooked me fast. The band’s melodic black metal works its way under your skin insidiously, and before you know it you’re trapped in Wormwood’s apocalyptic world.

Headshrinker - Callous Indifference

Callous Indifference by Headshrinker is a monster of a record, full of atypical brutality and unhinged emotive intensity. This is old-school death metal played with some non-standard enhancements, and it’s a record that keeps on forcefully and uncomfortably giving.

Lucifer's Fall - III - From the Deep

I love Lucifer’s Fall, and I love their latest release III – From the Deep. Simple. If you’re a fan of the classic doom metal sound and like it played with character and personality, then look no further than this. Top songs, top band. Kings of the underground doom scene.

Wormwitch - Wolf Hex

Wolf Hex by Wormwitch is an enjoyable and enticing blend of melodic black metal, folk refinements, and feral aggression. This new record is short and sweet, but isn’t lacking in either punchy impact or variety. The band’s honest performances and songwriting elevate this album above those of many of their peers.

Wolves in the Throne Room - Primordial Arcana

I couldn’t leave August alone without mentioning the glorious new Wolves in the Throne Room album Primordial Arcana. This exemplary band continue to evolve and grow, and their latest output is extremely satisfying and moreish. What can I say? If you know the band, you know you have to hear their latest outpouring of atmospheric black metal.

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