Slaughterday – Ancient Death Triumph (Review)

Slaughterday - Ancient Death TriumphThis is the third album from German death metallers Slaughterday.

Slaughterday are reliable and enjoyable. Drop into any of their discography at almost any point, (Nightmare Vortex, Ravenous, Laws of the Occult, Abattoir), and you’ll find timeless death metal, with an authentic, honest, merciless delivery. Ancient Death Triumph continues the band’s line of unbroken quality, and bestows 41 minutes of material, (with an Anvil cover), upon us lowly mortals.

With mostly mid-paced aggression do Slaughterday subdue, with engaging solos do they lacerate, and with gruff growls do they devour. Slaughterday tear out the old-school riffs like it’s nobody’s business, pummelling the listener with bruising guitars. These songs are built on a firm foundation of classic songwriting. Slaughterday know how to write a decent catchy chorus, which is not something you can say about a lot of death metal bands these days. Elements of gloomy doom can be heard in places, and there’s even a touch of punk in some of the guitars.

Macabre melodies are used very well by the band, with some of them sounding quite unsettling and creepy. The band are adept at infusing their old-school death metal with morbid atmosphere and melodic colour, mixing instant-appeal heaviness with longer lasting depth of songcraft. Slaughterday have honed their killing art on Ancient Death Triumph, and the results are great to hear.

Ancient Death Triumph is gloriously enjoyable. If you’re a fan of well-written classic death metal, then look no further than this.

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