Grief Collector – En Delirium (Review)

Grief Collector - En DeliriumThis is the debut album from US doom metallers Grief Collector.

Featuring Robert Lowe, (an ex-member of Candlemass), on vocals, En Delirium contains 48 minutes of largely traditional doom metal mixed with a touch of modern sludge, to produce a compelling piece of work.

The songs are old-school and song-based, combining classic doom and heavy metal into an anthemic collection of tracks. The sludge metal influences help give the band a more contemporary edge in places, adding a heavier roughness and the very occasional harsh vocal. As a formula it works really well, and the band have the experience and songwriting skill to make the most of it.

If you were wondering what a mix of Candlemass, Black Sabbath, and Khemmis might sound like, then look no further than Grief Collector. The band do a great job of bridging the old-school and the new, even if the ratio is definitely skewed towards the former.

These songs are full of hooks and memorable moments. The songwriting is of a high standard, as you would expect, and the album has many highlights. There are some prime riffs on En Delirium, I have to say. Some of them really grab you, while others simply make you want to bang your head and raise your fists in the air. The singer has a top quality voice, and his performance throughout En Delirium is flawless.

I enjoyed this a great deal. Grief Collector may play a well worn style, but they do so extremely well. En Delirium is surely a mandatory listen for adherents of the classic doom style.

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