Miasma Theory – Miasma Theory (Review)

Miasma Theory - Miasma TheoryThis is the debut album from Miasma Theory, an international heavy metal band.

Miasma Theory contains four original compositions and a Candlemass cover, with a total duration of 34 minutes. Of the original songs, Miasma Theory, (a project headed up by a member of Northern Crown), focuses on delivering heavy metal that’s enriched by elements of doom metal.

This is underground heavy metal, raw and unpolished, and with a NWOBHM influence that can be felt deep in the bones of the music. The album has clearly been created for the love of it, and it has an appealing honesty about it that’s disarming.

The songs are as well-written as you would expect from veterans of several different bands from several different styles, and their talents have coalesced into four hymns to metal that are very satisfying to listen to.

Each track has its own flavour. The winding leads and heavy metal stomp of Forever Ends Today starts us off well, but the slower, atmospheric Together as One is even stronger, and one of the best tracks here. It’s mood-driven and doomy, and really shows off the vocal talents of the band’s versatile vocalist. Speaking of, the singer demonstrates a good range across all of the songs. Her performance is perfect for a band like this, and features the right combination of roughness, power, and emotion.

Next Time, Last Time is the shortest song, (nearly six minutes), and stylistically sits somewhere between the two preceding tracks; it’s upbeat and rockier than Together as One, but more atmospheric than Forever Ends Today. The final song before the Candlemass cover is Vector, which is the longest and most involved track; it’s a really strong closer to the original songs, and showcases the band simultaneously at their heaviest and their most vulnerable. After this it’s Under the Oak by Candlemass, and we’re done.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Miasma Theory very much. Authentic, honest, well-written heavy metal like this doesn’t come along every day, so when it does, you’ve got to just grab it tight and go for the ride.

Very highly recommended.

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