Reach – The Promise of a Life (Review)

Reach - The Promise of a LifeReach are a Swedish rock band and this is their third album.

Reach play song-based rock music, and they have produced 38 minutes of this for us to enjoy on The Promise of Life. You can imagine Reach as a mix of bands such as Muse and Queen, as a rough starting point.

Reach’s style is one of classic rock mixed with a more modern style, with the former influencing the latter and the latter being the main focus. Basically, this is a modern rock record, but you can hear the classic influences under the hood powering the songs. Alongside this, a range of other influences can be heard, across a wide breadth of rock and non-rock genres and styles. This is then backed up by the incorporation of a variety of different instruments and sounds that are used in the songs as and when they are needed. Reach have put a lot into this album, and it boasts plenty of diverse material.

The band’s approach to modern rock is bold and flamboyant. It brims with confidence and no small amount of talent. Each song has its own character and the album has a good amount of diversity on it regarding mood and style. You can take a random sampling of songs and almost think they were by different bands, were it not for them having the same singer and production qualities. Reach are not one of those bands that limit themselves to playing the same thing over and over again, much to their credit.

Reach have a good grasp of how to use melodies and of how to write a griping guitar riff. The band’s melodic rock is full of hooks and is very well-written. With a pop sensibility that prioritises big, catchy choruses, this is an infectious and charismatic album with high ambitions and even higher potential for wider success. Regardless of how big they do or don’t get, The Promise of Life is a real treat for fans of contemporary rock music.

The music itself is very strong, but the singer is always going to be the main focal point in a band like this, and Reach are blessed with a superlative vocalist. His voice has very good range and he excels at everything he attempts. As frontmen go, the band couldn’t ask for a better one.

Reach have impressed. The Promise of Life is a very striking collection of tracks, and a very enjoyable, moreish one too.

If you’re a fan of modern rock, I heartily recommend checking this out.

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