Northern Crown – In a Pallid Shadow (Review)

Northern Crown - In a Pallid ShadowNorthern Crown are a doom metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Northern Crown’s past material left very positive marks on me, (In the Hands of the Betrayer, The Others), so I turned to In a Pallid Shadow with hopes of an enjoyable romp into doom metal waters.

Needless to say I was not disappointed, as otherwise this review would not be here. In a Pallid Shadow provides 39 minutes of classic doom metal tunes, shot through with heavy metal gusto and shades of progressive metal flourishes. With well-written songs that contain plenty of hooks and memorable parts, these new songs are satisfying and enjoyable.

All of the performances here are strong, including that of the singer; his voice sounds particularly good, in fact. I also like the use of the organ very much, as well as the moments of orchestration, piano, and synths that appear here and there. Each of the five songs here has its own personality and strengths, and it’s clear that the band have poured care and attention into each one of them. I especially enjoy A Vivid Monochrome; despite the fact it’s essentially the ballad of the album, it’s just really damn good.

This is another strong outing for Northern Crown. The band have been amassing a very respectable discography over the years, and In a Pallid Shadow continues this consistently solid trend.

Highly recommended.

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