Pallbearer – Forgotten Days (Review)

Pallbearer - Forgotten DaysThis is the fourth album from US doom metallers Pallbearer.

This is old-school doom metal mixed with a progressive delivery. Black Sabbath and Candlemass are obvious rough starting points for the band’s sound, but you can also hear the influence of 70s progressive rock on the songs too.

Across the 53 minutes of traditionally-styled doom metal on this release Pallbearer give an emotive and affecting performance. The band are clearly passionate about their music, and despite the style being such a well-worn one, these songs feel alive with vibrant promise. It is, however, the promise of DOOM!


Yep, this is doom metal, as I say, but it sounds like there’s definitely life left in the genre’s bloated carcass yet; Pallbearer’s music is a reason to pick up the style once more if you’ve grown cold to it.

The songs are very well-written and come replete with plenty of hooks and catchiness to satisfy, as well many depths to explore. Filled with heavy riffs and grooving immediacy alongside progressive nuance and shaded texture, the longevity of an album like this comes from the quality of the band’s songcraft and the emotions that have been poured into it. That, and the sterling melodies and vocal lines.

Forgotten Days is a masterclass of progressive doom songwriting and delivery, and this collection of songs is ludicrously strong.

This is pretty much an essential listen for fans of the style. Indeed, for fans of well-written emotive heavy music in general, I can’t recommend this enough.

Don’t miss out.

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