Ruins of Elysium – Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary in the Sea (Review)

Ruins of Elysium - Amphitrite Ancient Sanctuary in the SeaRuins of Elysium are an international symphonic metal band and this is their second album.

Containing 73 minutes of symphonic power metal, Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary in the Sea is an epic work that covers a range of different aspects of power and heavy metal, all lusciously prepared with a rich symphonic and operatic coating. This is a big album in a lot of ways, and isn’t shy about its ambitious scope.

Classical influences can be heard in the music’s delivery and arrangements. The band’s symphonic elements are a directly embedded part of their music, rather than sounding like they have just been tacked on at the last minute by an over-ambitious keyboardist or something. It’s clear that the band live and breathe this genre of music. There’s a cinematic soundtrack quality to Ruins of Elysium’s sound, with a depth of delivery that’s uncommon in this sort of symphonic metal. I find that many bands of this genre are all style, with very little substance, but Ruins of Elysium have both.

As well as the usual power and heavy metal elements that you’d expect on something of this nature, the album also makes good use of folk influences from around the world, going as far as to incorporate the use of many non-typical instruments from a range of cultures to fully engage with these folk elements. I also like that the band have incorporated a few extreme metal influences here and there.

The operatic lead vocals are very strong, sounding even better than they did on the band’s debut album. I really like the singer’s voice, and his performance across this album is first class. A few different styles of vocals also appear across the album, adding variety of delivery, (some of them by guests).

There’s a lot of content to absorb on Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary in the Sea, and multiple spins are advised, (despite its imposing length), to truly get to know it and all it has to offer.

Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary in the Sea is an accomplished, adventurous album that’s worth taking the time to explore.

Highly recommended for any fan of symphonic heavy/power metal.

Find out more here.

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