Obscurae – To Walk the Path of Sorrows (Review)

Obscurae - To Walk the Path of SorrowsObscurae are a black metal band from the US and this is their second album.

The style here is atmospheric black metal, with influence taken from the classic second wave era and enriched with traditional synth effects.

The music is wonderfully underground, full of raw venom and unpolished darkness. The screamed vocals rip through the music like predatory static, while the blackened rumble of the drums and guitars seem to melt into one fiery onslaught of aggression. In the background of this vicious assault synths swell up, evoking the majesty of the night sky and the eternal wonder of the infinite void.

The music is a near-relentless assault of atmospheric harshness and sweeping synths. I’m sure many will hate the pure simplicity of delivery and intent of an album like this, but I confess I’ve found it quite easy to fall under its nefarious charms. I also confess that part of this is surely due to nostalgic appeal; yes, this certainly takes me back to the early 90s, and reminds me of a more extreme version of Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse in many ways. Throw in some Burzum and a touch of Mayhem, and you’ve got yourself an authentic old-school slice of dark atmosphere that hits the spot quite nicely if you’re of a certain mood.

Of course, it’s not destined to be considered a classic like the albums from the bands mentioned above, (very, very few are), but To Walk the Path of Sorrows is still worth your time if you have a hankering for that sort of sound.

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