Ovnev – Transpiration (Review)

Ovnev - TranspirationOvnev is a one-man US black metal band, and this is his third album.

I enjoyed both 2016’s Cycle of Survival and 2017’s Incalescence, so knew that Transpiration was a release I wanted to check out. I’m definitely glad I did.

Ovnev’s atmospheric black metal speaks of the wonders of the natural world, (specifically its water cycle, in this case). It does this through textured music by incorporating progressive, melodic, and atmospheric elements into a very emotive and compelling blend of black metal. The music focuses on emotion, mood, and feeling over everything else, resulting in a 44-minute album that’s an experiential journey of rich proportions.

This is a highly evocative album. Its atmospheric aggression is mood-oriented and is well-written and delivered; the artist behind the band knows very much what he’s doing with the style. Acoustic enhancements are well-placed, and the various melodic accoutrements have high-impact. The vocals are low in the mix, treated as just another layer of instruments, and this fits the style perfectly.

Ovnev’s return is incredibly pleasing, as this quality act has always delivered really good material. However, on Transpiration the artist has outdone himself, and I have probably enjoyed this the most out of his works.

Very highly recommended. Make sure you don’t miss Transpiration.

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