Drouth – Excerpts from a Dread Liturgy (Review)

Drouth - Excerpts from a Dread LiturgyThis is the second album from Drouth, a black/death metal band from the US.

This is sinister black metal that has had its delivery deepened by death metal’s gnarled bite. It’s a sinister and menacing 40 minutes, but a richly textured one also, ripe with atmosphere and expressive feeling.

Drouth display a good grasp of extremity, as elements of doom, thrash, and punk are all laced into the music’s lethal concoction. These add further substance to the lashings of death metal ferocity that augment Drouth’s blackened heart, resulting in songs that rip into the listener with malignant glee.

Drouth unveil their vision for extreme metal with strong, considered songwriting. Each of the songs delivers a high quality hit of modern blackened darkness, and each does so in an exemplary fashion. Careful interpretation of aspects such as melody, use of emotion, dread atmosphere, and shaded nuance make for songs that have more to offer than sheer intensity or aggression alone; this is music that can make you think and feel, as well as fear for your life as it surrounds you in walls of dark heaviness.

This is a very satisfying and enjoyable piece of dark art. Drouth have impressed quite significantly.

Very highly recommended.

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