Daggers – Neon Noir Erotica (Review)

Daggers - Neon Noir EroticaDaggers are a French hardcore band and this is their fourth album.

Daggers’ music is a mix of punk, hardcore, and noise rock, all of which comes together into 35 minutes of engaging, individual music.

This is modern hardcore that’s gritty and earthy, rather than polished and plastic-sounding. Daggers’ influences are fused together to create music that the band obviously cares about; Neon Noir Erotica has been crafted from love, and to scratch a particular musical itch, rather than to have broad appeal and sell out stadiums, (although it should rightfully do this too).

The songs are written with a focus on emotive heaviness. More expressive than a lot of hardcore can be, there may be heaviness and aggression here, but equally there’s melody and thoughtful use of composition to create short songs brimming with emotive energy and noise-rock-punk swagger and flow. Neon Noir Erotica is very easy to listen to, and its songs remarkably personable.

The band’s singer has a gruff voice that sounds like it would be more at home on a stoner/sludge album. His vocals, like the music, are largely non-standard for punk, while also seeming to be completely natural and easy to listen to. Pipe Dog also features clean singing, which works very well indeed, (same singer? guest?).

Here is the sound of a band who are at ease with their music and who write their songs purely for the love of it. Daggers have produced a high quality album that delivers a lot more than that of your standard punk release.

Very highly recommended.

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