Dim Lords – A Paler You (Review)

Dim Lords - A Paler YouThis is the second release by Dim Lords, an anonymous black metal band.

2018’s Last World, Dead Universe was an unpleasant amalgamation of twisted black metal and vicious punk. A Paler You gives us another six tracks of unrelenting vileness to dive into; 20 minutes of aural violence. These new tracks are slightly shorter overall, and slightly nastier too. Other than that, this is still caustic, foul, blackened noise punk, replete with threatening attitudes and dark moods.

The songs give off auras of decay in waves, and there’s a feeling of witnessing an intense apocalyptic nightmare rapidly unfolding that permeates each track. The snarled vocals are unhinged and the guitars sound venomous and barely restrained. The band’s feral energy is kept in check enough to be channelled into songs, but not enough so that it feels safe or contrived.

A Paler You is another strong release for Dim Lords. Connoisseurs of underground harshness should make sure they check this out.

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