Thirsting Altar – Ascension (Review)

Thirsting Altar - AscensionThis is the debut EP from US black metallers Thirsting Altar.

Influenced by first and second wave black metal, Thirsting Altar’s inaugural release contains 16 minutes of well-crafted music.

The band’s approach combines raw intensity and emotive moods. Thirsting Altar aren’t limiting themselves to just one thing on Ascension, but nor are they ranging so far and wide as to be identity-less. Rather, Ascension‘s three tracks establish a personality from their various influences that’s well-considered and non-limiting, while clearly being of the style it purports to be. No mean feat.

I like that the band cover a few different bases with their music. One moment you might be assaulted by spiky riffs driven by malice, while at another dark melodies might slither stop the music like lethal predators. The band are not adverse to creating some really atmospheric sections either, which adds a lot of layers and textures to the proceedings. Keyboards appear here and there, adding highlights that range from the atmospheric to the symphonic. There are some gratifying guitar solos as well.

Each of these three songs are well-written and more accomplished than you might expect for a debut release, and I’ve enjoyed Ascension very much. Time and passion have clearly gone into this creation, and the results speak for themselves.

Very highly recommended. I cat wait to hear more from this talented new band in the future.

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