Battle Born – Battle Born (Review)

Battle Born - Battle BornBattle Born are a UK power metal band and this is their debut EP.

Boasting cover art that just screams TRVE METAL at the top of its lungs, Battle Born take their first confident steps into…battle, (ahem), with this 24-minute EP.

Yep, on first glance everything about this release is totally TRVE METAL, so much that I knew I had to give it a try. I’m very, very pleased to say that I haven’t been disappointed. Battle Born’s power metal is well-written and not short of talent. These songs are filled with hooks, catchy melodies, soaring choruses, meaty riffs, enriching keyboards, and shredding solos. What more could you want? Well for me it’s usually a substandard singer and production that lets the side down, but not here. Both the vocals and the band’s recording have plenty of oomph, (a technical term), and sound just great.

Finally, we come to the lyrics, which is not something I normally ever comment on. However, some of the lyrics here are so OVER THE TOP METAL I almost exploded. It’s quite heartwarming, really.

For pure TRVE METAL escapism, this is just fabulous. Stop what you’re doing and give this a listen.

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