Akurion – Come Forth to Me (Review)

Akurion - Come Forth to MeThis is the debut album from Canadian death metallers Akurion.

Well, what a wealth of talent and experience we have in this band. The core of Akurion is comprised of current and ex-members of Cattle Decapitation, Coma Cluster Void, Cryptopsy, and Neuraxis, (and others), and rounded out with a variety of guest musicians, including some from bands such as Gorguts, Cryptopsy, and Coma Cluster Void. Yep, here’s an act that know what they’re doing.

Spreading out eight songs over 58 minutes, there’s a lot of material here to sink your teeth into. These songs take you on a journey into death metal’s underground labyrinths, twisting down lesser-trod passageways and contorting into small, unexpected places. Mixing technical and progressive death metal in ways that feel fresh and relatively unexplored, Akurion’s music is striking in its quality and scope.

This is death metal that takes classic influences and mangles and mutates them into something distinctly non-standard. Abrupt time changes and warped rhythms are everywhere, as are immaculate performances from all involved, (as you would expect). The songwriting is tight and varied, and every song boasts many creative ideas and flourishes.

For what is essentially a death metal record there’s a surprising amount of atmosphere, nuance, and emotive content here. This is a record that not only knows its brutal exterior, but also its dark, emotional inside. It’s largely not a record of ridiculous speed or ostentatious technicality, but a record with a dark heart and the need to tell a story. It should be expected though really, as not only is Come Forth to Me clearly the product of skilled musicians with an obvious passion for their craft, but it also arose from the tragedy of the death of the singer’s wife, (who provides affecting, atmospheric backing vocals to one of the songs here), and the guitarist’s father.

All of the above means that this is a hugely powerful package that Akurion have put together here. Seriously impressive, memorably engaging, and surprisingly affecting; Come Forth to Me just significantly raised the bar for extreme metal in 2020.

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