Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering – Tome II (Review)

Cryptopsy - The Book of Suffering - Tome IIThis is the latest EP from Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy.

Wow, has it really been three years since The Book of Suffering – Tome I? Apparently so. Well, Book II is now here, gifting us with 18 minutes of brutality and mayhem.

Within the brutal death metal framework, Cryptopsy have a distinctive sound all of their own. The band’s guitar riffs and basslines sound, first and foremost, like Cryptopsy, and their work boasts a compelling mix of quickly recognisable instant gratification and deeper aggressive substance.

Containing elements of both techdeath and slam/deathcore, (although more of the former than the latter), the band are equally at home embracing the chaos with complex harshness, or keeping things simple with huge crushing riffs. The material on this EP combines these various elements of sonic extremity with the band’s impressive songwriting skills.

The barely-restrained chaos of these songs is infectious, and you just want to completely lose it when you listen to them. Energetic, exciting, and shamelessly jagged and sharp, these four tracks are some of the best Cryptopsy have released.

The band’s singer is all over the place, and manages the impressive feat of sounding like about five different vocalists on each track. It’s a flabbergasting and satisfying display of vocal gymnastics, but it never sounds forced or inorganic.

This ultra-modern incarnation of Cryptopsy just keeps getting better and better. Bring on the next release!

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