Burning Witches – Dance with the Devil (Review)

Burning Witches - Dance with the DevilBurning Witches are a heavy metal band from Switzerland and this is their third album.

2018’s Hexenhammer was an enjoyable slab of traditional heavy metal, and now the band are back with a new album, and a new singer.

This new album contains 53 minutes of galloping heavy metal. Rooted in the heavy metal old-school, the band’s are ambassadors for 80s-influenced heavy metal done right. Hard rock is clearly an influence on some songs as well, and part of the album’s diversity comes from the different emphasis that Burning Witches place on different styles in different places. Heavy metal, glam metal, classic rock, and thrash/speed metal all get a look-in at various points, and it’s all melded together by the band’s clear enthusiasm and skill.

This is passionately-delivered music that focuses on songcraft and delivering catchy metal songs. It’s good headbanging fun, but with enough depth of performance to retain interest after multiple listens. It’s well-written and shows a good understanding of what makes a solid metal album, and there are plenty of hooks and metallic anthems to be had here. The band use melody well, and seem to have increased the amount of this in their music on this album. There are some choice riffs to be found too, especially when some of the band’s thrash influences come through.

The new vocalist has a strong presence and good range. Her voice is powerful and skilled, handling the material with ease. Commanding clean singing is everywhere, as are piercing highs worthy of Judas Priest. Some harsher vocals also appear that remind of Death in places.

Dance with the Devil is a solid metal album that’s right at home in its spiritual home of the 80s. Highly recommended for any fan of classic metal.

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