Burning Witches – Hexenhammer – (Review)

Burning Witches - HexenhammerHexenhammer are a heavy metal band from Switzerland and this is their second album.

Featuring a member of Ursinne, here we have 48 minutes of old-school heavy metal spiced up with elements of speed/thrash and power metal here and there.

There’s a strong Judas Priest feel in places, but thankfully this isn’t a clone band. Elements of early Testament can be heard too, for example, as well as Iced Earth, Manowar, and Dio, (there’s even a cover of Holy Diver here).

The band know how to peel off a good riff, and there are some damn good solos peppered throughout this release. The songs offer a lot of instant gratification, but with enough substance to keep you returning for more. They’re well-written and full of hooks, and Hexenhammer is an easy album to enjoy for anyone into this kind of classic metal style.

The singer’s voice is clear and powerful, especially when she reaches the piercing higher notes, (this is part of the reason for the Judas Priest comparison). She effortlessly provides a focal point for the music, but without distracting from it; this is a metal album, after all, and the vocals are only part of a strong overall package.

Rounded off with a professional production that helps lend the music the presence that this sort of thing needs, Hexenhammer is a very worthy and enjoyable slab of molten metal.

Highly recommended. Check this out for sure.

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