Reism – Dysthymia (Review)

Reism - DysthymiaReism are a Norwegian metal band. This is their third album.

Reism’s music contains elements of melodic metal, modern metal, and industrial rock. On Dysthymia the band have produced an album of good songs that hit the spot.

The obvious reference points for this will be bands like Evanescence and Within Temptation. However, while that may be superficially accurate and provide a useful starting point, it doesn’t really do the band justice. Reism have a more stripped-back approach to their art, for a start, and have some elements in common with a superlative band such as The Great Discord, for example. Also, I’m pleased to say that Reism display enough personality and character of their own to not be mere copycats of any of these bands, (which is why I’m reviewing them, as otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered).

The weakest factor on an album like this is invariably the singer, but not so here. Her voice is powerful and clear, and is a real asset to the band. The uses that she puts her voice to are much better than those of the average band of this ilk. In fact, this extends to the entire musical package overall, and is worth mentioning explicitly; Dysthymia is just plain better than most releases that operate in this done-to-death, overcrowded subgenre.

The band establish their songwriting credentials quite early on in the album, and most of the songs here are a cut above what you’d usually find on an album of this style. Reism’s songs are largely well-written and satisfying, with plenty of catchy choruses, memorable melodies, and attractive hooks. You can dip into the album at any point and be assured of decent riffs and some quite captivating vocals.

Although definitely not perfect, it’s a very strong album for Reism, and, if I had my way, one that would see them propelled above most of the generic releases that are ostensibly similar.

A highly recommended listen if you’re a fan of the style. Make sure you give this a chance.

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