Suicide Silence – Become the Hunter (Review)

Suicide Silence - Become the HunterSuicide Silence are an extreme metal band from the US and this is their sixth album.

2017’s self-titled album was an enjoyable throwback to the nu-metal era, replete with all of the requisite parts you would expect from such a release. On Become the Hunter Suicide Silence leave behind the experimental nature of their fifth album and instead focus on the more familiar extreme metal ground that they are known for.

Mixing elements of metalcore, deathcore, and pure death metal, Become the Hunter is a ferocious 40 minutes of music. The band sound revitalised with the sort of fiery aggression that makes for thoroughly engaging songs, and this new album should lay to rest any lingering doubts that some seem to have about what the band are capable of.

As heavy and aggressive as this album certainly is, it’s the band’s songwriting skills that elevate it to a higher level than many of their contemporaries. Dynamic and brutal, but also atmospheric in places, the album has a lot of compelling content and features to recommend itself over its playing time. The craft of creating a good, impactful, catchy song has been well-studied by the band, and the new material on Become the Hunter is easily engaging and very enjoyable. These tracks work very well not only individually, but also as a whole package. It’s a very well-rounded extreme metal album, and demands you return for more once it has finished.

Become the Hunter is a very solid album. It’s the sort of modern deathcore-based extreme metal that is not only instantly satisfying, but is well-written and delivered enough to have ample replay value too.

Any fan of modern heavy music should give this a whirl.

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