Frayle – 1692 (Review)

Frayle - 1692This is the debut album from US doom band Frayle.

I enjoyed 2018’s The White Witch, which was a hugely impressive entrance into the doom metal scene. We now have the band’s first full length album, and across 37 minutes the band prove that their first EP was no fluke. Frayle have got a real talent for their charismatic and atmospheric form of doom.

Bleakly beautiful, and strikingly engrossing, 1692 is an easy album to fall for. The music combines elements of doom metal, Gothic metal, trip-hop, dark rock, and post-rock, and does so very proficiently. The songs merge slow, gloomily atmospheric doom with expressive, emotive vocals that are arresting in their delivery.

The music is heavy and unhurried. Reflective and immersive, the album is easily to fall into and spend quality time with. The songs adhere to a careful balance of moody atmosphere and song-based hooks, ensuring that the tracks are memorable and gratifying, but with enough layers to encourage repeat visits.

The vocals are haunting and alluring. With a dreamy, ethereal voice, the singer has a strong presence on the songs without overpowering them, and her performance is exemplary. As a focal point she excels, but her voice works so well with the emotive music that the end result is more powerful than either ingredient would achieve alone.

Concise, focused, and hypnotically addictive, 1692 is a big win for Frayle.

Essential listening.

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