Frayle – Skin & Sorrow (Review)

Frayle - Skin & SorrowThis is the second album from US doom band Frayle.

After enjoying both 2018’s The White Witch and 2020’s 1692, I’ve been looking forward to Skin & Sorrow. I have not been disappointed.

Frayle offer a beautiful and seductive form of doom that exists somewhere between ethereal soundscapes and expressive heaviness. Skin & Sorrow has a character that’s slow and atmospheric, and primarily concerned with creating emotive tapestries for the listener to explore. It is a feast of Gothic doomgaze, and it’s really quite good.

The music’s sensual presence is powerful, and a constant companion as you travel through the album’s 47 minutes. Despite each song having its own identity, all of the tracks share a surreal dreamy feel that carries through all of Skin & Sorrow. Ripe with rich atmosphere and hypnotic moods, this is a captivating album that draws you in and holds you close as it weaves its dark magicks.

The singer’s lavish vocals are affecting and entrancing, and an obvious focal point for the music. Filled with emotive depth and heartfelt emotion, her voice is spellbinding and luscious in its otherworldly delivery.

Best experienced as a whole, this is a bewitching record that slides under your skin without resistance, so sharp is its kiss. Without realising it you become absorbed in Frayle’s alluring world. The music is delicate and deliberate; the songwriting is considered and well-structured, making the most of the impressive vocals, while not neglecting the texture and form of the rest of the music.

A haunting album from a talented band, Skin & Sorrow offers an atmospheric immersion that’s well-crafted and very enjoyable.

Very highly recommended for fans of expressive and atmospheric doom.

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