Ihsahn – Telemark (Review)

Ihsahn - TelemarkThis is the latest EP from Ihsahn, a legendary black, progressive, and experimental metal artist.

Containing 5 tracks, including two covers, (Iron Maiden and Lenny Kravitz), Ihsahn’s latest EP features 26 minutes showcasing the artist’s more aggressive side.

These songs partially return to Ihsahn’s musical roots, to the cold black metal that formed the foundation of Emperor’s much-lauded sound. It’s not a throwback release, however, as the artist’s more modern and progressive influences can be felt too. The end result comes across as akin to some of the harsher solo material he has recorded over the years.

Elements of jazz and progressive rock are used here and there, fused with Ihsahn’s atypical and individual sense of songwriting dynamics. Creative and individual, Ihsahn’s new songs are essentially modern progressive black metal that has learned from the past to inform the present. The three original songs are very enjoyable and satisfying, and each has its own personality to get to know. The title track is probably my favourite of the three.

The cover songs are translated into Ihsahn’s inimitable style, with horns and fiery passion. Both succeed with their aims, with Wrathchild being particularly effective.

Ihsahn has once again shown why he is such a well-regarded and creative force in extreme metal. Don’t overlook this.

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