Shuulak – Rubedo (Review)

Shuulak - RubedoThis is the latest EP from Shuulak, a heavy metal band from the Netherlands.

I’m a big fan of Shuulak, and have been looking forward to hearing some new material from them since 2019’s Citrinitas. Containing 5 tracks and with a duration of 17 minutes, it’s enough to satisfy, and demonstrates once more just how good Shuulak are.

Ancient Sins reminds me of a cross between Angel Dust and Kamelot, with a pinch of something heavier in there too. It’s a great way to open the EP, and boasts a good mix of in-your-face riffs and lighter emotive moments. Scourge of Aeons is a pit-friendly collection of big guitars and silky smooth singing. I really love the singer’s voice, but love even more that Shuulak are more than just their singer; here’s a band that know how to write a decent metal tune.

The title track itself is a very brief interlude, and is a spoken word piece, which is a shame, but you can’t have everything. Shuulak immediately redeem themselves as The Azoth starts, however. With some soaring vocals and the occasional winding melody, it’s a song that’s surprisingly slow-burning, but all the better for it. Ending with The Azoth II, the band take a different route with an introspective mood-driven song, full of soft strings and angelic female vocals. It’s a great piece that essentially expands on what the last track on Citrinitas teased us with, and showcases some of Shuulak’s wider talents.

These new songs continue the string of high quality releases from the band. Filled to the brim with catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and vocals that don’t miss a beat, this latest EP is another strong outing for Shuulak. Rubedo has impressed. As I’ve said before, bring on a full album!

Don’t miss out on what Shuulak have to offer. How this band aren’t more of a big deal is beyond me.

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