Megalith Levitation – Acid Doom Rites (Review)

Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom RitesThis is the debut album from Megalith Levitation, a Russian stoner/doom band.

There’s only four songs on this album, but with a total duration of 77 minutes, Acid Doom Rites is a whopper.

For a basic impression of what this is like, imagine a stretched-out, elongated cross between Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre, with a good dose of 5ive’s long-form drone expositions thrown in.

Megalith Levitation are firm worshippers of The Riff, and this release feels like an immersive instrumental album, even though it isn’t. It’s heavy, fuzzy, and slow, and revels in ritualistic drone and hypnotic repetition. The band like their psychedelia, but it’s mainly about adoration of the aforementioned riffs.

Chant-like vocals only add to the ritualistic auras that pervade this album like a haunting, while more sludgy blackened shrieks sound as if they’re voiced by the daemons that this ritual may have conjured.

Acid Doom Rites is an album to explore late at night, in the dark surrounded by candles. Take a trip into Megalith Levitation’s world and see if this hits the spot for you.

Find out more information below from the band’s label here – youtube, vk, facebook & bandcamp.

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