Ramihrdus – Midsummer’s Twilight (Review)

Ramihrdus - Midsummer's TwilightThis is the second album from one-man US black metal band Ramihrdus.

Here we have 45 minutes of raw atmospheric black metal that also contains folk and ambient elements. The music is layered and rich, with a multitude of additional instruments used in addition to the core you would expect on a metal album. This allows for a diverse, multifaceted approach, resulting in a collection of songs that are affecting and compelling.

These songs are each individual creations that have been crafted to work well as a whole. A range of moods, feelings, paces, and textures are explored on Midsummer’s Twilight, and each song holds attention and draws the listener in close. Well-written and engaging, the music is captivating and powerful, and very easy to absorb and get lost in.

The vocals are mainly traditional screams, although these are complemented by a range of different styles. There’s also guest female singing that sometimes provides beautiful backing vocals, while at others entwines more fully with the male singing, or takes the lead in its own right.

It’s clear a lot of work has gone into Midsummer’s Twilight, and it’s paid off, as this is an exemplar of atmospheric black metal. The artist behind Ramihrdus knows how to deliver music that’s immersive and compelling; this album oozes sorrow-filled and highly emotive atmosphere, and should be considered a resounding success by anyone who enjoys this sort of raw, atmospheric blackened approach. To top it all off, the production is rich and expansive, allowing everything to breathe and exist in its own space, while also coming together holistically.

Midsummer’s Twilight is an atmospheric treat. Make sure you don’t miss out on this.

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