Wolvencrown – Of Bark and Ash (Review)

Wolvencrown - Of Bark and AshThis is the debut album from UK black metallers Wolvencrown.

This is atmospheric black metal played with passion and verve. The album’s nature-inspired grandeur is easy to listen to and absorb if you’re inducted into the blackened arts.

Keyboards are used well and are an integral part of the band’s musical offer. The songs are well-written and structured, and provide an in-depth and immersive journey into Wolvencrown’s world. The music is melodically rich and easily builds vibrant worlds for the listener to traverse.

The interplay between the rhythm guitars, lead melodies, and expressive keyboards work very well for the band, providing an emotive experience driven by a core of blackened frost that sits at the heart of what the band do. Wolvencrown channel this cold darkness well, but are not restricted to a single mood, as the album explores various atmospheres across its running time.

The vocals are scathing shrieks that pierce and scar. These are occasionally enhanced by both male and female cleans, strategically used at key points across the album.

Overall this is a very strong and enjoyable debut album from this UK band. I heartily recommend you give this a spin.

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