Haunt – Mind Freeze (Review)

Haunt - Mind FreezeHaunt are a heavy metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Haunt clearly exist to worship at the altar of 80s heavy metal and NWOBHM, yet do so in a way that allows the band a contemporary edge all of their own. This new album delivers 37 minutes of anthemic tuneage, and does so with skill and aplomb.

The music is song-focused and concentrates on hooks, catchiness, and memorability. The riffs are strong, and the melodies infectious. There are plenty of catchy choruses in the songs, and everything here is well-written. I like the inclusion of tasteful synths too, adding a new layer to Haunt’s metallic arsenal, as well as the use of some sterling guitar solos.

The singer has the kind of voice that just flows easily, providing a focal point for the music, but in such a way that it’s not all about the vocals; Haunt have the entire musical package, and it’s the full, well-rounded songs that are the important thing here, not any single performance, no matter how able.

Despite a certain level of instant gratification, Mind Freeze is the type of album that grows over time, and the more you listen to it the more you want to listen to it. You can pick pretty much any track on this album and get sucked into a welcoming world of friendly, familiar, classic metal. Mind Freeze feels so right and so good that it’s hard to dislike it in any way. Fun, enjoyable, and frictionless to get on with, Haunt’s new album is a firm winner.

This prolific band continue to impress, and Mind Freeze is heartily recommended for any fan of traditional metal.

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