Mesmur – Terrene (Review)

Mesmur - TerreneThis is the third album from international doom band Mesmur.

Mesmur’s 2016 album S was a heavily atmospheric slab of funeral death/doom, one which was notable for its depth of mood and delivery. The band have now returned with four new imposing songs, clocking in at 55 minutes.

Terrene is a crushing exploration of darkness and woe, focusing on the planet Earth and its multitude of miseries and troubles.

The songs are slow and deliberate, unfolding gradually into bleak soundscapes, with intoxicating forlorn melodies and richly gloomy atmospheres. It may be slow and despondent, but it’s by no means one-dimensional or boring; Mesmur know very well what they’re doing with the style. The songs are well-written, and each track transports the listener to apocalyptic worlds filled with terrifying existential horrors.

The music is enriched with synths, as well as, in places, cello and flute, (the latter two coming from guest musicians). The album’s tapestry is one made up of high quality material, and it’s quite easy to lose yourself in the warp and weft of the band’s compelling creation. Across four monolithic, glacial songs, Mesmur spread their emotive brand of misery for all to see and weep. It’s an engaging, absorbing experience, one which is well worth having for any fan of funeral doom.

Highly recommended.

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