Fister/Teeth – Split (Review)

Fister TeethFister and Teeth are both bands from the US, and they’ve teamed up for this split release.

Fister start us off with one track – We All Die Tonight. Although they’ve never graced this site before, Fister’s brand of Sludgy Doom is most enjoyable, and this song is no different.

Feedback squeals begin the track before an almighty racket starts up with heavy, slow guitars paving the way for some horrendously harsh vocals.

Up until about the halfway mark the majority of the music is mid-paced and seems utterly intent on causing maximum damage; it’s a relentless trawl through tortured misery and screamed pain and hatred.

After this, a brief softer interlude allows the band to catch their collective breath, before continuing with a more Southern riffing-style, replete with a mournful emotive guitar lead playing over the top.

After this, it’s time for Teeth. Like Fister, they’ve never been featured on this site, but I have enjoyed their previous work, (début Unremittance), and continue to be impressed with their Death/Doom Metal.

These two tracks continue the band’s merging of Death Metal aggression with gritty Doom atmosphere. This is ugly, fearsome music that’s likely to win them fans of anyone who likes their tunes dark, underground and murky, yet still has a solid sound and a thorough aggressive streak.

The first song Lament of the Spineless blurs by quickly, all blast beats and humongously heavy riffs. All the time managing to maintain a grim malevolence, aided by the belligerent growls.

The second song, and the longer of the two, To Lay upon Blistered Thorns, once again showcases the band’s Death Metal knowledge as filtered through the gloom of Doom.

Both songs have a really good production that strikes a nice balance between clean and filthy, allowing the band maximum chance to spread their plague-ridden atmospheres. Teeth show that their first release was no fluke and they really are as good as they seem to be.

A short and compelling split, with both bands offering some quality music straight from the underworld.

Get it while you can.

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