Drift into Black – Anthems from the Darkest Winter (Review)

Drift into Black - Anthems from the Darkest WinterThis is the second album from Drift into Black, a solo, (with guest musicians), death/doom metal act from the US.

Anthems from the Darkest Winter contains 56 minutes of material, (including a Pink Floyd cover). The music mixes death, doom, and Gothic metal together into songs that have a good balance between all three strains of heaviness.

The music reminds me very much of the early 90s; think of bands like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride as a starting point, but then widen this to include the more modern versions of those bands, as well as others such as Sentenced and Katatonia.

The music is highly melodic, and I particularly enjoy many of the guitar leads. The keyboards are atmospheric and well-used, covering the music with an additional layer of feeling. Meaty rhythm guitars underpin the melodies, and solid drums power everything forward. The various elements of the music work well with each other, engaging the listener and holding attention.

Vocally we get harsh barks that do their job nicely, alongside clean vocals which I enjoy a great deal. The singer has a versatile and powerful voice, and uses it very well across the album.

Anthems from the Darkest Winter is a collection of well-written songs that have plenty of hooks and catchiness for the listener to get wrapped up in. It’s well-recorded, and quality-wise can compete with some of the larger names out there. Don’t be deceived by the slightly underwhelming album cover; Anthems from the Darkest Winter has bold ambitions, and mostly has the skill to back it up.

A highly recommended listen. If you favour song-based heavy music, with emotion, atmosphere, and weighty riffs, then make sure you check this out.

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