Omophagia – 646965 (Review)

Omophagia - 646965Omophagia are a death metal band from Switzerland and this is their third album.

2016’s In the Name of Chaos was solid, muscular death metal, the type that took influence from classic death metal and then gave it a modern slant. 646965 can be roughly described the same way, but with the modern side of the equation ramped up some.

Mixing the Floridian strain of USDM with elements of the more modern incarnations of slam and technical death metal, Omophagia’s music has become more contemporary, while still taking songwriting tips from the genre greats. So, if you’re after music which has the song-focused nature of old-school 90s death metal, but you want a crushing modern delivery, then look no further than this.

Well-written and with an ear for strong riffs, melodies, rhythms, and structures, the songs on this album are notably fixated on the quality of the compositions. This means that the band have a song-first approach, and build their tracks around this with hefty riffs, catchy vocal patterns, and dynamic performances. There are also some killer solos here. The result is a satisfying mix of old and new, meaning that fans of both Deicide and Ingested should find something here to bang heads to.

It seems that Omophagia continue to improve their lethal formula. Although there’s still always room for further improvement, 646965 is a strong and enjoyable death metal album, one which largely hits the spot nicely.

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