Come Back from the Dead – The Rise of the Blind Ones (Review)

Come Back from the Dead - The Rise of the Blind OnesCome Back from the Dead are a Spanish death metal band and this is their second album.

My introduction to Come Back from the Dead was on 2017’s Caro Data Vermibus. This was a very pleasing little EP, so it’s good to now see the band return with a new album – 32 minutes of rotten material to sink your fangs into.

Come Back from the Dead play old-school death metal that focuses on songs, with a no-frills approach to deathly riffs, battering drums, and macabre melodies. Combining elements of the Swedish and American styles, these songs are in-your-face and without ostentation. Written by people that clearly know their work well, the songs are catchy, memorable, have a decent amount of hooks, and a good grasp of where to use melody.

Speaking of the latter, some of the leads on this release are quite striking and enjoyable, and there are some nice solos too. The band don’t slack off in the riff department either, but it’s the leads that are one of the main highlights for me here, especially as they’re not overly used.

The singer is as charismatic as he was previously, roughly shouting out the lyrics with just a small enough amount of slight growled inflection to stay within the death metal arena, rather than descend into a more crusty hardcore one. Shades of the Entombed AD singer can be heard in his voice, but not enough to be off-putting from being too similar.

The Rise of the Blind Ones is a solid old-school death metal album. It won’t set the world on fire, but it does provide 32 minutes of satisfying entertainment, and I recommend you check it out.

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