Deicide – Overtures of Blasphemy (Review)

DeicideThis is the 12th album from the veteran death metal band Deicide.

Yes, legendary death metallers Deicide have returned with their latest album Overtures of Blasphemy; 38 minutes of blistering aggression. 

Short and brutal, this is an album of intensity and punishing groove, mixed with sharp melodies and grinding blast beats. The songs are brief and showcase Deicide’s patented brand of catchy and memorable death metal very well.

Focused and energetic, the tracks are instantly familiar and it’s great to hear the band once more. The guitars are a highlight, with some of the solos and leads in particular standing out. Although not as melodic as some of their latter day work, there is still more than enough here to enjoy. The remainder of the guitar work is more in line with the band’s early material, which is, of course, no bad thing at all.

The singer’s deep growls have always been a favourite of mine. His voice is on fine form, and his performance is as brutally delivered as ever. However, it seems that the higher pitched screams have become extinct, and I do miss their presence.

The recording of the album sounds great and Overtures of Blasphemy is a solid slab of raging brutality and vicious intensity. Yes, this is a very enjoyable collection of songs.

Overall this is a very strong addition to the band’s discography. Although it doesn’t reach the heights of some of what they have released in the past, Overtures of Blasphemy owns a worthy place in their legacy.

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