Omophagia – In the Name of Chaos (Review)

OmophagiaOmophagia are a Death Metal band from Switzerland and this is their second album.

Playing a brutal and precise version of Death Metal, Omophagia know how to pen a good riff and a memorable song.

Alongside the speed and brutality there’s also some nice technical aspects to the songs as the band know their instruments well.

Included also are some very enjoyable solos and leads, and the band aren’t afraid of including some melody here and there. There’s a militaristic, impersonal feel to some of the heavy riffs which is deftly counteracted by the colour and warmth that the solos, leads and slices of melody provide.

These songs are well-composed and the band show a keen awareness for structure and pace. I like that they know how to use the rhythm guitars to great effect, always making sure to inject them with energy and rhythmic memorability. Rather than peeling off throwaway filler riffs, it feels as if the different parts of these songs have been thought over in detail. Combined with the mechanistic and relentlessly pounding drums that track with the guitars, it makes for an effective and efficient rhythm section.

The vocalist has a rapid-fire voice that barks out deep growls in a clipped, decisive manner. His voice is very satisfying and alongside the well-recorded music these songs hit the spot quite nicely.

Omophagia have the full package, and In the Name of Chaos is one of the more fully-rounded Death Metal releases I’ve heard of late.

Very highly recommended.

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