Desecresy – Towards Nebulae (Review)

Desecresy - Towards NebulaeThis is the sixth album by Finnish death metal one-man band Desecresy.

I’ve enjoyed Chasmic Transcendence, Stoic Death, and The Mortal Horizon, so I felt it would be remiss of me to not check out Towards Nebulae.

The music is inspired by 90’s death metal and has doom elements incorporated into it to increase the level of dark macabre atmosphere. Menacing and malignant, the songs on Towards Nebulae are otherworldly and foul.

The songwriting is good, as are the songs, and Towards Nebulae gives you everything you would want from a Desecresy album. Suffocating riffs and deep, cavernous growls mix with evocative and frequently striking melodies. This produces songs that manage to both smash you to one side, while simultaneously lifting you up with leads that demand your attention. The album seems to have come out of deep space, while also setting its gaze there.

Fearlessly underground and soaked in the deepest, darkest depths of death metal, the artist behind Desecresy has consistently put out enjoyable and notable death metal. Towards Nebulae is no different in this regard, so soak up the grim atmosphere and the crushing guitars as the album slowly worms its way into your consciousness.

Highly recommended.

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