Sarinvomit/Eggs of Gomorrh – Encomium of Depraved Instincts – Split (Review)

Sarin Vomit Eggs of Gomorrh - Encomium of Depraved Instincts - SplitSarinvomit are from Turkey and Eggs of Gomorrh are from Switzerland. Both play variants of black metal, and have teamed up for this split release.

Sarinvomit and Eggs of Gomorrh are both rooted in black metal, only mutated and ugly versions of it. This split lasts a hideous 31 minutes, and all eight tracks are worth devouring hungrily, despite how disgusting they are.

The bands compliment each other musically, and each offers two new studio songs and two live tracks. While similar in sound in some ways, including a bestial/war metal approach, they are easily told apart due to the way they both apply their influences. Also, Sarinvomit’s music is a more traditional, and veers into black/thrash territory slightly more, while Eggs of Gomorroh favour more of a grinding black/death assault.

Sarinvomit waste no time in making a good impression, and their savage, howling delivery blows the cobwebs away from the rotten crypt they’ve clearly been hiding in. I really enjoy both studio tracks, although opener The Glorious Might of Deccal is especially effective. The live tracks are recorded well enough so that you can actually hear and appreciate the songs, and of the two Pandemonic Radiation Descends is probably my favourite.

I’ve been a fan of Eggs of Gomorrh since first hearing Rot Prophet, and they haven’t disappointed me yet. Played with the sort of blunt force trauma and feral abandon that we’ve come to expect from the band, both Redemption Martyr and Shrine of Disgust are short, brutal, and satisfyingly foul concoctions. Both reek of the grave and both demonstrate a band that continue to push out the kind of ferociously horrible music that quite rightly has many extreme metal fans paying high tribute to them. Like Sarinvomit’s live tracks, Eggs of Gomorrh’s are listenable and enjoyable, showcasing two Rot Prophet cuts in their natural environment, laying waste to everything around them.

Well, this is a high quality split release, make no mistake. The contributions from each band look both forward and back, to new horizons and old victories, and both bands are worth checking out.

Very highly recommended.

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