Eggs of Gomorrh – Rot Prophet (Review)

Eggs of GomorrhEggs of Gomorrh are a Swiss Black Metal band. This is their début release.

Eggs of Gomorrh play Black Metal with a touch of Death Metal, especially in the vocals, which are as deep and cavernous as they come.

With an unrelentingly bleak sound, the recording is a very satisfying shade of blackness, all underground clout and nasty bite; the same of which can be said of the music itself.

The songs blur by in dirty maelstroms of underground speed and dark intent. Slowing down here and there for a bit of blackened groove, the songs are nasty and ugly denizens of the Black Metal underworld.

This is a release that’s obviously been put together by people who care not one jot for the latest trends or fashions, instead concentrating on worshipping the dark Gods through aural excess and blackened purity.

In a nutshell, (eggshell?) – Eggs of Gomorrh play Black Metal that’s saturated with grimness, featuring an aggressively growled vocal attack and a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in the 90s. That’s what I call a winner.

2 thoughts on “Eggs of Gomorrh – Rot Prophet (Review)

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