Destroyer of Light – Mors Aeterna (Review)

Destroyer of Light - Mors AeternaThis is the third album from US doom metal band Destroyer of Light.

I really liked 2018’s Hopeless, and really wanted that EP to be the herald of good things for their next album. It turns out that it was, and Mors Aeterna is just as good, if not better, than I was hoping for.

Destroyer of Light’s doom is enmeshed with classic heavy metal and hard rock, making for songs that know how to have aspects of upbeat swagger alongside the misery and, yes, doom of the band’s core sound.

The band use melody very well, wrapping it around and twisting it into the main riffs, merging the two into emotive exemplars of expressive doom metal. There are some damn good riffs on here too. This is a textured release though, with a multitude of different ideas explored throughout its 44-minute running time, including piano, strings, synths, interludes, and more. This all helps craft the album into a holistic listening experience to be savoured, rather than simply existing as a collection of tracks to be dipped into lightly.

These songs are well-written and paced, but also benefit from a solid sound and the high quality lungs of the band’s able frontman. His vocals form a focal point around which the rest of the music is anchored, but even despite this he isn’t the main event, as Destroyer of Light’s music is a holistic experience. The band know when to let the music breathe and expand by itself, for itself.

Mors Aeterna is probably Destroyer of Light’s best work yet, and every release I hear from the band just seems better than the last.

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