Blyh – Awake to Emptiness (Review)

Blyh - Awake to EmptinessBlyh are a German black metal band and this is their second album.

Awake to Emptiness is 45 minutes of raw, melodic black metal, spread out over five lengthy tracks.

This is black metal that mixes cold, icy darkness with melancholic melody. Taking a melodic second wave base, (think parts of Sweden and Norway combined), and adding to this with some modern black metal influences, and even some elements of the atmospheric and depressive styles, Awake to Emptiness boasts the type of emotive extremity that’s a dark joy to listen to.

Furiously intense, the band do vary their speeds, but this is mainly an album of energy and aggressive attack. Solos and leads are torn out like molten metal against the more frosted rhythm guitars, and the acidic screams of the singer are sharp and piercing.

All aspects of this band are well-performed and considered, but it’s the melodic aspect of Blyh that is probably the most striking, however. Imbued with negative energy, charged with forlorn blackness, and unleashed with regal splendour, these melodies are largely what make Blyh such an enjoyable and compelling prospect.

Awake to Emptiness is a very satisfying album that’s sure to turn some heads.

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