Dawn of Demise – Into the Depths of Veracity (Review)

Dawn of Demise - Into the Depths of VeracityDawn of Demise are from Denmark and play death metal. This is their fifth album.

The follow up to 2016’s The Suffering, Into the Depths of Veracity contains 39 minutes of groovy, punishing death metal.

Dawn of Demise, (featuring the drummer of Soilwork), offer simple and straightforward death metal based around songs and riffs. As such, it’s very easy to enjoy what they put out.

Full of pummelling drums, thick chugs, barbarous vocals, and plenty of other brutal delights, these songs are infectious and catchy if you’re a fan of this sort of thing. Dawn of Demise know very well what they’re doing at this point in their existence, and they do it very well. The band’s blast-and-groove approach is well-developed and appealing, and this is an enjoyable album all-round.

While there is a lot of mid-paced activity across the playing time, there’s still enough blast beats and furious aggression peppered throughout the release to satisfy. Some thrash influences can be heard in the riffs occasionally, blending seamlessly into the overall brutality.

Another quality album from Dawn of Demise, and I’d say an overall improvement on their previous one too.

Highly recommended.

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