Akasha – Canticles of the Sepulchral Deity (Review)

Akasha - Canticles of the Sepulchral DeityThis is the debut album from Akasha, a one man US black metal band.

Are you ready for your hit of vampiric, underground black metal? If so, then Canticles of the Sepulchral Deity is a release that you should definitely take the time to explore.

This is black metal that’s raw and sharp, with scything melodies and guitars that can lacerate. Mixing traditional and modern black metal into songs that have a lot of character and personality, the artist behind Akasha clearly has skill in the songwriting department.

Elements of punk and hardcore can be heard here and there, with vicious d-beats, along with a touch of death metal. This is all consumed by the overarching blackened framework that the music operates in, however. This is music that’s unhinged, energetic, and quite satisfying in delivery.

One of the chief attractions of this release for me is the guitar parts and how these are used in the structure of the songs. Akasha’s music is not simply recycled blackened groove and heard-before melodies; there’s definitely an inventive streak in the songwriting, and many of the guitar riffs and ideas caused me to sit up and take notice – almost every single song has a wow-factor moment. Various moods, paces, feelings, atmospheres, and intensities are explored, and overall this is a supremely strong collection of tracks.

All of the above is successfully fused into harsh, violent, bloodthirsty songs that rip out your throat and then scream into the ragged hole. Canticles of the Sepulchral Deity is one of the best raw, underground, violently nuanced black metal albums I’ve heard since Byyrth.

Very highly recommended.

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