Gjendød – Gjendød (Review)

GjendødThis is the debut release by Norwegian black metallers Gjendød.

Playing blistering black metal of the 90s Norwegian style, Gjendød show exactly what they’re made of during these 21 minutes.

And what are they made of, you might ask? Well, it seems to be frost, cold, ice and all things winter. Or something. Judging by these blackened riffs at any rate, that’s certainly the vibe I’m getting.

This is very nice stuff. Well, actually, I suppose it’s not nice at all, but you get my meaning. With speed, dark melodies, cutting aggression and frosted atmospheres, Gjendød easily impress with these immersive tracks.

The singer gives a good performance, screaming his diatribes in the traditional style. It rounds off a strong package and the overall presentation of the band is first-rate.

Apparently this is just a demo. Let that sink in for a while. Just a demo. Well, that may be so, but it’s better than a lot of comparable band’s albums.

Check out Gjendød and get in on the action while it’s hot.

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