Gjendød – Angrep (Review)

Gjendød - AngrepGjendød are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their third album.

I’ve enjoyed all of Gjendød’s material so far, (Gjendød, Nedstigning, Krigsdøger), and I’m pleased to say that Angrep is no exception to this. Angrep is not a direct continuation of the band’s past material, however, as these new songs have been mercilessly filed down to a killing point.

Yes, Angrep showcases Gjendød at their most vicious and nasty. This is brutal underground black metal in its most violent and evil incarnation. Almost completely gone are the more atmospheric aspects of Gjendød’s sound, replaced by sheer malignant aggression and harsh sonic barbarity. Melody does appear, but pressed into the service of violent desires. Although this sort of delivery was always an aspect of Gjendød’s sound, here it is its primary expression.

What’s interesting, and very enjoyable, are the ways that the band channel this violence. The music is not devoid of depth due to its largely singular focus. Gjendød put a fair amount of detail into their blackened savagery, and really reveal themselves as true artists of the violent aural form. Bellicose and intense Angrep may be, but it’s far from one-dimensional. Creatively hostile ideas pepper the distorted darkness, and the antagonistic melodies are surprisingly endearing, despite essentially wanting to slice you up and leave you bleeding.

Angrep is the sort of album you put on when you’re feeling angry and simple death metal just won’t do. Gjendød deliver an experience of raging harshness that works, and works well.

Highly recommended to all acolytes of extremity.

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