Gjendød – Nedstigning (Review)

GjendødGjendød are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their debut album.

After Gjendød’s debut last year, we now have some more material from them in the form of their first full-length, Nedstigning.

Channelling the 90s second wave through a firm Norwegian perspective, Nedstigning is an album of evil, cold black metal played in the old style.

Blistering blast beats, fiery melodies and dark, rasped vocals set the scene, and Gjendød know how to handle the material well. The songs are simple and enjoyable hymns to hatred, roaring out from the forest with frosted breath and blood on their claws.

The riffs are intense, bleak and full of black metal’s malevolent trappings. The blackened melodies are never too far from the action, and these twist and turn around the rhythm guitars like lithe, dangerous serpents.

There’s a variety of speeds and moods on Nedstigning, all aimed at worshipping the underground gods. The band show that they’re skilled at both slow and fast delivery, with the dark groovy riffs being particularly effective to my mind.

With tracks that are played well with obvious passion and devotion, Gjendød’s debut album is one that has a grim charm all of its own.

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