Neorhythm – Meteoric Thoughts (Review)

neorhythm - meteoric thoughtsNeorhythm are a groove metal band from Finland and this is their latest EP.

This EP contains 5 tracks and 18 minutes of material. There are three new songs, and two covers, (Disturbed and Mudvayne).

The band play an accessible brand of heaviness that takes elements of groove metal, metalcore, and hardcore and mixes it together to create something that’s quite nicely put together. The reason I quite like this is that the band’s music, although accessible, stays away from a lot of the standard commercial metal tropes.

This is well-produced, but without being shiny or overly-polished. It has an easy-to-access feeling, yet is still heavier and gnarlier than a lot of the bands who would probably be considered their peers. It has stop-start staccato riffs, but without adopting stale, cliché breakdowns. It has technicality, but without being off-putting or needlessly complex. It also has a progressive edge, but doesn’t stray too far from its core concept.

Viewed from another angle – imagine the heavier, straightforward aspects of bands like Meshuggah and Gojira, and you’ll have a decent starting point for Neorthym’s music.

The original songs are quite enjoyable. These are compressed into three/four-minute packages that are tight balls of heaviness and aggression. The singer’s harsh shouts are constant and blunt, while the music keeps up an energetic pace. The band also know a good guitar solo when they peel one off. It’s good stuff.

Of the covers, I don’t know the original version of the Disturbed song, so can’t comment on how it differs from the original other than to say it’s recognisably of Disturbed’s trademark style. The Mudvayne cover is pretty faithful to the original, however. It’s not quite as good, but still a worthy listen. Both cover tracks demonstrate a wider vocal range too.

A quality EP – I recommend you give this a listen.

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