Barshasketh – Barshasketh (Review)

Barshasketh - BarshaskethBarshasketh are a black metal band from New Zealand/the UK and this is their fourth album.

My past encounters with Barshasketh have always been very positive, (see their split with Void Ritual and split with Outre), but this is my first exposure to a full length from the band.

Well, I enjoyed the band’s previous work that I’ve heard, but this is something else.

This is music rooted in the second wave, but updated for 2019 with extra layers of savagery, exploratory aggression, and sinister atmospheres. This fusion of classic Scandinavian might and updated, modern ambition finds Barshasketh on merciless, fiery form across these 54 minutes.

The songs use melody like a weapon, slicing through their foes like sharpened blades of ice. Atmosphere is crafted through adherence to the doctrines of darkness, fostering malignant moods and macabre auras with ease. Barshasketh have developed their blackened art well on this release, and the music is dynamic, well-constructed, and shivers with icy potential.

Here is a band that know how to truly channel fury into blackened slices of grim harshness. Barshasketh’s serrated intensity is the sound of a band that know their source material through and through, and are able to use their influences to create black metal that is obviously of the style it purports to be, yet simultaneously manages to avoid sounding tired or stale. This album is vibrant and fresh, in a morbid, occult way.

If you’re a fan of the second wave sound, but want something more than simply jaded hero-worship and second-hand riffs, then you absolutely must check out Barshasketh’s latest. This is music to reignite the fires of black metal in the dark, cold hearts of those who thought they were done with the genre. And for those who never lost interest…well, this is just top-tier stuff.

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